Free custom search engine for websites is a full featured, easy-to-install search engine, perfect for your website. Increase your website accessibility with search predictions, providing relevant content to your readers.

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Easy Implementation

We pride ourselves on providing a fully automated and self-service service, its implementation and contracting is done immediately and automatically. Our support team are ready to serve you at any time helping your website to have the best search solution.

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Layout with user focus

We invest heavily to have a fast, pleasant and intuitive interface providing comfort and accessibility to users. Searchbar is prepared to deliver consistent results to search terms without the need for lengthier configurations and technical effort.

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API for extraction of analytical data

Find the most searched terms, where your user is clicking and what he can not find. Integrate analytical information with other platforms and use our search engine in a customized way in your project with our Search API and analytical data extraction.

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Works on any device

We have enhanced the accessibility of your site with an intelligent search engine displaying relevant results in a fraction of a second. The Searchbar has an advanced dictionary that provides grammatical errors, being efficient and functional in any device.

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Tailor-made for your website

Thinking about customers who need extra features and personalized service, we provide qualified professionals to make modifications and integrations, adapting our services to your need.

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"In addition to what my clients have found, analytical reports tell me what they are looking for in anticipation of my decision-making."

Pablo Petzen - Constante Digital

"More than a search engine, Searchbar is great for spreading marketing campaigns, with it releasing events and products in a less intrusive way."

Maiquel Ludwig - ACML