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Terms of use use terms.

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Terms of use use terms.

Distribution Method

After registering / making payment, you will have access to your user page with all access and configuration information.

Service Guarantee

We are committed to having 98% uptime in our services.

Membership Change and Cancellations

We seek to simplify the way you manage your account, to change your current plan by performing an upgrade or downgrade you simply access the Plans and Prices tab and hire a new service.Each plan has its features and functionalities, when you regrease a membership plan you do not lose your sitemap or search functionality, but some features may be affected.

Questions or problems, please get in touch.

Corporate / Custom Plans

After the validation of your payment, we will contact you offering possibilities of customization and integration via API in a maximum of 48 hours.

Contractual Amendments

We reserve the right to change the value of the plans without prior notice without affecting those already hired.

Our policy of readjustments is annual, not exceeding 200% of inflation.

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